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Fiend LHD V2 Cab Freecoaster Hub Black

Brand: Fiend

Code: HUFI007-BK1-09T

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Brand: Fiend

Fiend Left Hand Drive V2 Cab Freecoaster Hub - Black 9 Tooth

The second version of Fiend's Cab Freecoaster, made with a 6061-T6 Aluminium Alloy shell and a hollow heat-treated Chromoly male axle. Features include; a slimmer profile to look like a cassette, improved axle and Nylon clutch retention system for smoother rolling and easier maintenance, Alloy hardware and subtle detailing.


0.689kg/ 1lbs 8oz (hub only)
0.767kg/ 1lbs 11oz (including guards)


    6061-T6 Alloy shell
    Hollow Chromoly 14mm male axle with 8mm Allen broach
    Alloy 17mm nuts
    Improved axle and Nylon clutch retention system
    7905 ACD (Drive side)/ 6002 (Non-drive side) sealed bearings