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Fiend RHD Cab V2 Freecoaster Wheel Black

Brand: Fiend

Code: WHFI005-BK1-09T

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Brand: Fiend

Fiend's second pre-assembled rear wheel, features the Fiend Cab V2 Freecoaster, which utilises a new Nylon clutch retention system, an Alloy shell, Chromoly axle and nuts with sealed bearings. As well as the Fiend rim, an Aluminium double walled design with a welded seam.


1.6kgs/ 3lbs 8oz

Fiend Right Hand Drive V2 Cab Freecoaster Hub - Black 9 Tooth

6061-T6 Alloy shell
Hollow Chromoly 14mm male axle with 8mm Allen broach
Alloy 17mm nuts
Improved axle and Nylon clutch retention system
7905 ACD (Drive side)/ 6002 (Non-drive side) sealed bearings

    Fiend Rim

    6061 Aluminium
    Double wall
    Welded seam
    36 hole
    18.7mm tall
    36.1mm wide
    ERD: 396mm

      14g Spokes