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Fit Bike Co OEM Sealed 20 Inch Freecoaster Wheelset Black

Brand: Fit Bike Co

Code: WHFI03BK

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Code: WHFI04BK

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Brand: Fit Bike Co

Fit OEM complete front and rear great value wheelset featuring sealed front and rear hubs and double walled rims.

Featuring fully sealed female front 3/8" hub and 14mm male rear FREECOASTER laced to light and strong Fit Double Wall OEM rims.


Sealed 3/8" Front Axle female hub - Allen compatable hardware
Sealed FREECOASTER rear w/14mm Rear Axle male - recessed Allen slot in axle
9T R.H.D.
Fit Rim Strip
36H Double Wall Fit OEM Rims

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