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Flite Blank Vinyl Snap Closure 3 Piece Old School BMX Pad Set

Brand: Flite




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Brand: Flite

The original BMX pad company who made the pads on our Robinson Team bikes back in 1981. Still produced by hand in USA, these vinyl snap plain pad set are made with the correct foam and material for your 70's to early 80's old school BMX resto. 

Old School deep groove vinyl. 1970's style. Just like you grew up with.  

Sourced from the original manufacturer, we make our vinyl snap pads the old way: Die cut.  Hand printed.  With stainless steel snaps.  

Available in Black, Red, Blue, Yellow and White. 

Our 70's Vinyl Snap BMX Pad Collection fits most standard chromoly frames and handlebars and old school compact necks.  See the Sizing Guide for instructions and photos on fitting your bike. 

3 Pc Sets come with handlebar pad, frame pad and stem pad.

Chromoly frame fit set 

  • 9" handlebar pad
  • 12" frame pad to fit 1" diameter top tube (fits most old school bikes)
  • 15" stem pad


Flite™ began in the garage of founder DJ Scott with a sewing machine and some ink making bar pads for BMX bikes.  

Situated in southern California, as BMX grew in popularity in the 1980's so did Flite, which went on to become the world's largest producer of BMX and Motocross bar pads.  Flite invented grip donuts and became a top name for other accessories too like seat covers and number plates. 

Flite and DJ Scott Manufacturing were also the makers of accessories for many of the bike companies you grew up with: GT, Redline, Haro, SE Racing, Mongoose, Fox, Auburn, Robinson, Diamond Back and many more. 

Bar pads may have fallen out of fashion with the young folk (and ABA racing requirements) but Flite survived and continues the tradition today making the same bar pads, grip donuts, number plates and seat covers you grew up with. 

Flite makes the genuine article.  Our attic is full of the original art files used to print the pads, we've saved all the original tooling.  We're in the same location and, most importantly, we are still making pads by hand in the USA. 

Enjoy our re-releases of the original products carefully made to give you the same authentic pads you grew up with.  

Whether you're carefully restoring the bike of your youth or putting together a new bike, HAVE FUN and GO RIDE YOUR BIKE!