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Fuse Echo Elbow Pads

Brand: FUSE

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Brand: FUSE

The Fuse Echo Elbow Pads use a perforated neoprene with Cordura and Duratex outer layer with an air plush lining for comfort. The back side of the pad uses a dual-layer Lycra design, that is soft on the inside but strong and durable on the outside. To protect your elbows from impact you will find SAS-TEC, soft and flexible Viscoelastic foam for superior comfort but also extreme impact absorption.

Sharkskin neoprene gripper keeps the pad firmly in place, and new anti-bacterial neoprene keeps your pads fresh and ready for use day after day.

Pad Material:

Breathable perforated Duratex neoprene with air plush anti-bacterial lining, back side with dual layer Lycra, soft inner durable outer 

SAS-TEC, soft and flexible Viscoelastic foam with extreme impact absorption properties


• NEW anti-bacterial neoprene
• SAS-TEC Viscoelastic foam 
• superior & ultra-durable Duratex knee cap outer material
• extended lower and side of knee cap padding
• sharkskin neoprene gripper to prevent pad slip
• upper and lower straps for fit adjustment

Weight: 345g

Colour: Black/blue

Certification: EN 1621-2012 - Level 2