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Fuse Omega Impact Shorts

Brand: FUSE

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Brand: FUSE

The new Omega Impact shorts from FUSE are super breathable and comfortable, designed to give you the extra confidence you need to push your riding to the next level. Available in sizes Small to XXL.


Breathable perforated compression Lycra and “dry-fit” mesh

SAS-TEC lightweight padding (EN1612-2, Level 1) with extreme impact absorption properties, for thigh and tailbone areas.

• Incredibly lightweight and extremely breathable design for uncompromising performance
• super light SAS-TEC Viscoelastic foam inserts on hip and tailbone
• reinforced super tough design for longevity
• flexible elastic waistband
Compression technology, with printed Kenesio™ bands to combat fatigue and muscle failure 
Sharkskin gripper on the top, bottom, and inside to hold the shorts in place and prevent slip

Weight: TBA

Colour: Black

Certification: • EN1612-2, Level 1 safety rating