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Fuse Omega Pro Ankle Guards

Brand: FUSE

Code: A100002078

Code: A100002079

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Brand: FUSE

The FUSE Omega PRO Ankle Guard uses a two-way neoprene with air plush lining for comfort. To protect your ankles from impact we use EVA foam padding and polyamide hard shields.

For protection of the Achilles tendon there is high and wider padding to cover the most surface.

Pad Material:

Two-way stretch neoprene 

Protection: EVA foam padding under polyamide hard shield

• High and wider impact padding on both sides
• Achilles tendon padding
• Rear puller for easy fitting
• Sold as pair 

small-medium, medium-large


Colour: Black/yellow

Certification: EN 1621-2012 - Level 1