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G-Sport Pleg

Brand: G-Sport

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Brand: G-Sport


George French almost destroyed his hand in a crash years ago. A sharp metal peg almost pierced his hand, and he decided he needed to design something better and safer. The Pleg idea was born, but it was almost ten years of riding homemade versions before the first production models came to be. The proprietary plastic peg is a solid plastic with minimal steel sleeve. Light, fast and cheap. Unlike other plastic pegs, the Plegs are fast on ALL surfaces, and open up new surfaces compared to the limitations of traditional steel pegs. At 3.9 oz each, you save 12 oz (3/4 lb) on a 4 peg set up with our lightest steel pegs. You can run 4 Plegs for almost the same weight as 2 lightweight steel pegs. In addition to being park and ledge friendly, its safe to say that the Pleg is safer to ride than a steel peg, on many levels. With the new plastic we can use you can now have a clear peg. Imagine if you told someone in 1994 that they would have clear plastic.


• Sold individually.

• 14mm only.