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GT LP-5 Heritage 20" x 1.75" White / Skinwall Tyre

Brand: GT

Code: GP8120U4020x

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Brand: GT

They're back, the classic 20 inch x 1.75" wide GT Old School LP-5 reinvented for 2020 now in white rubber with skinwall. As seen on the new GT Pro Performers in a wider size, these are the classic 1.75 inch freestyle width, making them perfect for that 80's and 90's restoration. The Skinwall on these looks amazing!

Exclusively available through ALANS BMX for Europe.


35-60 psi

Classic LP-5 tread pattern

Yellow wing logo

Text opposite GT wing logo embossed on gum wall reads: 20x1.75 GT Bikes LP-V

Also says GTBIKES.COM on gum wall once per side in tan so not noticeable unless looking for it

1.75" wide perfect for oldschool builds.

Price is for ONE tyre