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GT Power Series Alloy Cranks Polished

Brand: GT

Code: GP2207U60OS

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Brand: GT

Modern version of the legendary GT Power Series three piece alloy crank that is equally at home on your new bike or your old school 1986 GT Pro Performer.

•  175mm arm length.
•  Now with Black GT laser etched logos. NOTE: Our polished cranks now come with original style black etched logos. (There are versions of these cranks with silver etching - all ours have black).
•  7050 alloy arms.
•  Steel pedal insert to prevent stripping.
•  22mm hollow cro-mo square spindle.
•  Left and Right hand drive compatible. NOTE: Please make sure you fit these on the marked R and L sides during assembly. 
•  Bottom bracket NOT included but we sell these in all sizes to suit your frame. 

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