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Gusset 1-ER Single Speed Conversion Kit

Brand: Gusset


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Brand: Gusset

Singlespeed conversion kit to convert a geared hub into a singlespeed hub for bikes without gears. Works well with our Halo Tundra wheels to make them work with Fat Rippers

SE Fat Rippers sue a 14t cog as standard, this kit comes with 16t and 18t cogs which will make the pedalling easier to pedal. If you want to keep the gear ratio the same then check out our Halo Fat Foot cogs found in the BMX racing section or related items below


Single Speed adaptor kit for 8/9 speed Shimano compatible cassette hubs.
Pair of CNC machined aluminium spacers offer lateral support to 'Deep-tooth' single sprocket.
Built-in offset optimises chainline.
Supplied with 16 & 18T 3/32 cogs* and lockring.

*Note: Cog teeth are 3/32 - 6/7/8 Speed.
Not suitable for narrow 5/64 (9 speed) chains.
12,13,14,16,18 and 20T cogs also available separately.
Note: If run with smaller than 14T - must be used with 3/32 chain - as 1/8 chain will bite into spacers.