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Gusset S2 AM Stem 31.8mm Black

Brand: Gusset

Code: ASGU2A23K

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Brand: Gusset

Ready for the rough stuff. Gusset optimised stiffness on thi stem for precise handling and control when riders are pushing the limit.

The faceplate fits with a zero gap on the upper bolts to tighten fit tolerance and stiffness in the cockpit set up. By leaving a gap on the lower bolts, we allow the bars to fit precisely with equal torque across the faceplate and bolts.

With no rise, short extensions and low stack height the perfect combination for our S2 35mm handlebar or Slade 31.8mm handlebar.


  • 31.8mm handlebar clamp (50mm wide)
  • CNC 7075 Aluminium
  • Zero Rise
  • 30/40/50mm forward extension (length)
  • Stack Height – 42mm
  • 11/8” (28.6mm) steerer clamp.
  • Black
  • Weight from 139g