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Gusset S2 DJ MJ Stealth Pivotal Seat Grey Marble

Brand: Gusset


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Brand: Gusset

Knowing Matt was more than happy with the S2 DJ pivotal Saddle we worked on what colour would not only compliment Matts set up, but it would also not look out of place of any build.

Featuring Pivotal stealth technology that tightens through the seatpost and taking the unique rubber Anti-slide™ grip points from the S2 AM saddle and applying them to the nose of the saddle, it provides extra grip when throwing barspins or grabbing it for superman seat grabs.

Please note: A long T handle 5mm hex wrench is required to fit this saddle to a pivotal seatpost.

Designed with one of the best riders in the world, for your bike.


  • Signature Matt Jones Grey Marble colourway
  • Subtle design with hardwearing fabric top
  • Custom rubber Anti-slide™ grip points on nose
  • Pivotal Stealth fitment