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Halo Combat Rear Disc Hub

Brand: Halo


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Brand: Halo

Our Combat Rear Disc Hub offers reliable performance for a fraction of the price.

The combat drive system features 3 independently sprung pawls offering 24 points of smooth engagement.

Designed to be run with mountain bike gearing the Combat hub allows use of HG MTB 12 speed cassettes and road 10 speed cassettes.

Axle MaterialCro Mo
Axle DimensionsCro Mo, 135 x 9mm QR
Axle135 x 9mm QR
Disc MountIS 6-Bolt
Ratchet24 teeth three pawl mechanism
FreehubShimano HG MTB type
Freehub MaterialCro-mo steel
Spoke Hole Circle Diameter (PCD)58mm
Centre to FlangeC-L 34mm. C-R 19mm
Bearings1/4" Loose Ball
OLD (Spacing)135mm
DimensionsFlange dia 58mm
ColourAnodised black