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Halo EX3 20x1.5 Front Race Rim

Brand: Halo

Code: RMHAE28K

Code: RMHAE32K

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Brand: Halo

The Halo EX3 is lightweight 20x1.5 BMX race rim for Expert use, available in 28 or 32H.

These lightweight, semi-aero box section alloy rims ensure a quick getaway out of the gate.

Stainless nipple eyelets allow high tension spokes for a stiff wheel that transfers chain drive into forward motion with minimum effort.

20 x 1.5 (Tyre bead diameter 406mm)
24mm wide.
Box Section with secure pinned joint.
Niobium Alloy material with T-10 heat treatment.

Black anodised with laser logos - 28 or 32H.

Recommended Spoke Tension: Front: 80 to 100Kgs. Rear: 100 to 135Kgs.