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Halo H-Block Tyre

Brand: Halo

Code: TYHAH62K

Code: TYHAH62N

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Brand: Halo

Designed for dirt jump use the H-Block is lightweight with fast rolling centres with a little bit of extra grip on the edges.

Split twin rail centre design, forming H shapes, provides edges for drive and braking grip with minimal vibration.

Taper thickness tread from the centre outwards provides increasing traction the further over you go, yet saves weight in the central area.

Utilising a wire bead the H-Block is a more affordable option compared to the H-Block SLR.

  • Colours: Black, Black with Skinwall
  • Wire bead
  • Anti-puncture
  • Size: 26 x 2.2"
  • Weights: Black 730g, Black with Skinwall 720g