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Halo MXF Front Hub

Brand: Halo


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Call us on 01942 826 598 for Availability!


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Brand: Halo

Our Alans BMX Race Team swear by Halo MXF hubs and at a mere 155g the MXF is a super light race hub and yet strong enough for freestyle.

Smooth sealed bearing alloy front hub with wide spaced flanges for high strength, high triangulation wheel builds.
The forged alloy body and 15mm hollow alloy axle optimise weight and strength, while minimising flex.

There are two stock bolt configurations:
28H or 32H for Race (with alloy capped Cr-Mo Allen bolts),
36H for Dirt/Street/Park (with Cr-Mo Hex bolts)
(note: the 2 bolt options can be purchased and interchanged if using pegs we recommend the Cro-Mo Hex bolts).

>Forged and CNC'd alloy body with Mid height flanges.
>Lightweight, rigid hollow 15mm Alloy axle.
>2 sealed cartridge bearings.
>Wide spoke triangulation for a stronger wheel.

Weight : 155g (exc. bolts)
28H Red anodised.
32H Black or Red anodised.
36H Black, Red, Blue or Silver anodised.

Hub Dimensions:
C-L and C-R both 32mm flange dia 45mm.