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Halo MXR Supadrive Disc Hub Black

Brand: Halo



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Brand: Halo

Building on the success of the MXR Supadrive hub, the MXR Supadrive Disc hub adds the option of a disc brake for improved braking. Also available as a complete 20 or 24" wheel from us. 


The MXR Supadrive Disc utilises Supadrive, our most advanced and reliable drive system to date. The MXR Supadrive hub offers a 120 point near instant engagement with the ability to withstand substantantial torque loads.

With multiple World Championship titles across a range of disciplines, the Supadrive system is tried and tested at the very highest level.


Note: must be run with a 'Fat Foot' sprocket




  Drillings: 32H or 36H

  Bearings: Main hub: 2 x 6902. Driver: 1 x 6902, 1 x 6802

  Axle: 110mm x 3/8" bolt in

  Disc Mount: IS 6 Bolt

  Drive System: Supadrive 120 engagement points (3 degree), 3 wedge pawls

  Spoke Hole Circle Diameter (PCD): 58mm

  Centre to Flange: C-L: 20mm C-R: 26mm

  OLD: 110mm

  Model Ref: MXR-S-DRV

  Colour: Black