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Halo MXRC Race Cassette Rear Hub 36H Black

Brand: Halo


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Brand: Halo


Supa-drive SL Rear Cassette Race hub

Forged and CNC alloy main body.
2 sealed cartridge bearings for the main body.
Proven Bushed driver for the cassette freehub.
120 point Supa-drive triple wedge pawl drive system.
Wide flange spacing increases spoke triangulation
(offset... wheel must be dished)
15mm Alloy axle with 3/8 Cr-Mo bolts and alloy caps.
Superlight Alloy HG type splined SS cassette body* with Cr-Mo driver.

*must be run with Fat Foot type cogs.

Weights : 250g (exc. bolts)
Black or Red anodised.

Centre - L 39mm
Centre - R 28mm

Flange Dia. L - 45mm
Flange Dia. R - 52mm