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Halo SAS 26 Inch Rim

Brand: Halo

Code: RMHAS62X

Code: RMHAS62X

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Brand: Halo

The Halo SAS rim needs no introduction and has a proven record for re-defining what strength is.

Utilising T-10 heat treated alloy the SAS rim is the go to option for anyone who is looking for a reliable and sturdy all use mountain bike rim.

The anodised versions of our SAS rims can also be used with rim brakes. Naturally, the anodised finish will wear and reveal the silver coloured aluminium.

As the braking surface is not CNC finished, there is a bedding in period.

Rim brakes should not be used on the on white powder coated version.

We can build these rims into a custom wheel for you - just ask!


  • Material: T-10 Heat treated alloy
  • Rim Depth 22mm
  • Internal Width 30mm
  • External Width 36mm
  • Joint type Sleeved
  • Recommended Tyre size 2.25-2.8"
  • Drillings 32H, 36H or 48H
  • Eyelets Stainless steel double eyelets
  • ERD 538mm
  • Colour White powder coat or black anodised