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Halo Spin Doctor Rear Disc Hub

Brand: Halo




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Brand: Halo

A great replacement hub for SE Fast Rippers or other geared MTB's like the C100, fully sealed bearing, and spare parts available. Can be converted to 10mm bolt up for pegs.

To use this hub with pegs please order the Spin Doctor M10 Bolt On axle kit with this hub, we will swap everything over for you. Listed sepereately or see related Items.

36h hub will fit straight into Fast Rippers

Our Spin Doctor hub needs no introduction. It was once our flagship hub, and now offers strong performance at a great price.

Suited best to XC and trail bikes, the Spin Doctor hub offers a smooth and reliable drive.

Wide spoke flanges and sealed cartridge bearings ensure strength and longevity.

Designed to be run with mountain bike gearing, the Spin Doctor hub features an MTB width HG freehub.



  • Material 6061 Alloy
  • Drillings 32h, 36h or 48h
  • Bearings 6200 cartridge bearings
  • Spacing 135mm
  • Disc Mount 6 bolt
  • Dimensions C-L 34mm, C-R 19mm, flange 58mm
  • Model Ref S-DOC2
  • Colour Black