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Halo Sub-4 20 Inch BMX Race Rim Black/Machined

Brand: Halo

Code: RMHAU02M

Code: RMHAU06M

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Brand: Halo

The Sub-4 is Halo's benchmark BMX light weight double-walled race rim in 32 or 36H with machined sidewall.

Race tested and optimised 30mm wide box section makes the Sub-4 light, stiff and strong. Available in 20 and 24” as well as smooth or CNC silver sidewall.

Our Sub-4 builds into race winning wheels.


•  Material Heat treated Alloy

•  Internal Width 24mm

•  External Width 30mm

•  Rim Depth 16mm

•  Joint type Pinned

•  Recommended Tyre size 1.6-2.2”

•  Eyelets Stainless Steel

•  ERD 392mm