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Halo Sub-4 MXR Cassette BMX Rear Race Wheel

Brand: Halo


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Brand: Halo

As used by our Alans BMX race Team, these ready-built Halo cassette wheels deliver world-class performanceat at a great price.  

These Sub-4 Race wheels have a background of World and National Championship wins.

Available from under 1500g for a pair, the Sub-4 wheels accelerate like nothing else, yet can still take impacts when trying out new lines. The front wheel is fully anodised while the rear has a CNC sidewall for consistent braking performance.

Sub-4 Race wheels are built around our hugely successful MX Series hubs. MX Series hubs all feature huge flange spacing for lateral stiffness and sealed bearings for longevity in all conditions.

There are two drive options for the Sub-4 Rear wheel. Our MXR Supadrive hub with its instantaneous 120 point pickup Supadrive system, or MXR FW freewheel threaded hub as the simplified option which is well paired to the Halo Clickster 72 click freewheel.

Our Sub-4 Race wheels are the racing edge.

Halo Sub 4 Rear:
Halo MXRC 36H cassette hub
Halo Double butted spokes (Black)
Halo 7075 CNC Alloy nipples
Halo Sub4 rim with eyelets (Black with CNC brake wall)
Weight: 812g (excluding bolts or sprocket.)
Spoke lengths: 188/186mm
non-disc version (Disc version in seperate listing)