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Halo Sub-4 Supadrive Rear Disc Cassette Race 20 inch Wheel Black

Brand: Halo


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Brand: Halo

The new Disc version of high engagement Supadrive Cassette hub built onto Halo's proven Sub-4 rim. Finished off with Halo Double Butted spokes and alloy nipples.

These are the wheels that propelled Factory Team Identiti's Joey Gough to the 2012 World Championship title in the Women's 17+ category and used by the majority of our Alans BMX race team. 

Precision assembled and hand trued with Halo Double butted spokes, 7075 CNC alloy nipples and of course Halo MX series hubs and double wall, eyeleted Halo Sub4 30mm rims.

Halo Sub 4 Rear:
Halo MXRC 36H Disc cassette hub (Black)
Halo Double butted spokes (Black)
Halo 7075 CNC Alloy nipples (Black)
Halo Sub4 rim with eyelets