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Halo T2 26 Inch Rim

Brand: Halo

Code: RMHA262X

Code: RMHA262B

Code: RMHA262R

Code: RMHA262W

Code: RMHA266X

Code: RMHA266B

Code: RMHA266R

Code: RMHA266W

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Brand: Halo

The T2 is Halo's middle weight multi-purpose 26" rim.

Featuring a strong box section with T-10 heat treated material the T2 can be used with Disc or V- Brakes for a range of riding applications.

32 or 36H. 

Black, blue, red or white*.

*(V-Brake not recommended on white powder coated option)


  • Material: T-10 Heat treated alloy
  • Rim Depth:21.5mm
  • Internal Width: 26mm
  • External Width: 32mm
  • Joint type" Sleeved
  • Recommended Tyre size" 1.95-2.5" (2.25" recommended)
  • Drillings: 32 or 36H
  • Eyelets: Stainless Steel
  • ERD: 535mm
  • Colour: White powder coat or Black, Red or Blue anodised with laser etched graphics