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Halo Tundra Fat Bike Rear Wheel 26inch for Fat Ripper

Brand: Halo


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Brand: Halo

Halo Tundra Fat Bike wheel, fits SE Fat Ripper bikes with singlespeed conversion kit (available seperately) direct bolt on replacement

Includes adaptor axle to make this 10mm bolt up for use with pegs.


Developed using the proven technology of our well established mountain bike products our Fat bike wheels deliver excellent performance.
Using our lightweight, 80mm wide single wall alloy rims and built with our silky smooth 6D Series Fat hubs, the Tundras are an excellent choice for any Fat bike.
6D hubs feature a positive 30 point, reversed 6-pawl drive system and come supplied with a Shimano compatible 11spd alloy freehub. Please note: A 10spd spacer is included. Sram XD or Shimano Cr-Mo options are also available.
Wheel specifications:
32H 80mm single wall alloy rim with weight-saving cutouts.
Halo sealed bearing 6D Fat bike hubs.
Black stainless steel double butted spokes.
Red alloy nipples.