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Halo Presta Valve Extender

Brand: Halo





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Brand: Halo

These simple but functional lightweight retro-fit adaptors will convert a standard length Presta Valve into a usable XL valve on your deep section carbon race rims

The clever Woodman designed exterior profile allows for most press-on high pressure pumps to inflate without slippage.

Simple to fit:

Threads onto standard type Presta valve as a normal valve cap would do, and features an internal hex-key recess to fully tighten.

To install, release the knurled Presta valve lock 2/3s of the way along it's spindle - as you normally would to be ready for a pump to be used, and install the extensions onto the valve.

Existing air pressure will naturally keep the valve closed and air tight - as it does with other types of valve - and pump pressure will open the valve to inflate.

48mm size should be right for most carbon BMX rims.


  • Lightweight, precision CNC alloy.
  • Anodised Black or Red finish
  • Size options: 48mm or 72mm.
  • Sold individually - price is for ONE adapator. If you need a PAIR please order TWO. Thanks :)