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Halo Vapour 50 27.5"+ Rim

Brand: Halo


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Brand: Halo

Halo Vapour 50 rims are the perfect plus sized trail and adventure rim.

Tubeless ready, light and steadfast, the Vapour 50 rims offer a tyre volume boosting 45mm internal width.


For 27.5+

  • Material Heat treated alloy
  • Rim Depth 18mm
  • Internal Width 45mm
  • External Width 50mm
  • Joint type Pinned
  • Recommended Tyre size 2.8-3.8
  • Drillings 32H
  • Eyelets None
  • ERD 567mm
  • Additional features Tubeless ready
  • Colour Black powder coated with laser etched graphics