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Halo Vapour 50 Boost Wheel for OM Duro

Brand: Halo


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Brand: Halo

Custom adapted to fit the SE Bikes OM Duro, the Halo Vapour 50 Rear wheel is the perfect replacement, with a highend rim for 3.0 tyres and high engagement hub with unique sound.
Provided with adaptor set-up to bolt into your OMDURO with pegs, the standard wheel is designed for Boost MTB application.
Sitting neatly between traditional mountain bike and fat bike standards, these Plus-sized XC/Trail wheels have been designed specifically for 2.8 - 3.0 tyres. Their 50mm wide tubeless-ready rims have a 45mm internal measurement which provides increased stability, better traction and float while helping to reduce pinch flats.
Front wheel features the Spin Doctor 6F hub in a range of axle widths.
Supplied with end caps for 15 and 20mm thru-axle or 9mm QR, depending on axle width selected.
Rear wheels are available with various hub options including:
Spin Doctor 6D hub (Shimano HG or Sram XD) or Supa Drive (Shimano HG or Sram XD).
Supplied with end caps for 12 x 142mm thru-axle, 10 x 135mm thru-axle, 9mm QR, depending on axle width selected
Optional rear wheel axle kits available include 135mm x M10 bolt-in type and 135mm x 12mm thru-axle end caps.
32h tubeless-ready welded alloy rim.
50mm external, 45mm internal x 18mm deep profile.
Subtle laser etched graphics. 
Black double butted stainless spokes and eyelets.
Black brass nipples.