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Halo White Line 26 Inch Rim

Brand: Halo

Code: RMHAW62K

Code: RMHAW66K

Code: RMHAW62S

Code: RMHAW66S

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Brand: Halo

The double wall box section provides huge strength, whilst the relatively low-profile shape provides a degree of vertical compliance comfort.
Stainless steel spoke eyelets help ensure an evenly tensioned wheel.
An excellent choice for those looking for strength and reliability over weight saving.
Ideal for Classic mountain bikes, City, Trekking and Touring.

Note: The anodised surface can be used with a rim brake, however the colour will of course wear.

Material: T-10 heat treated alloy
Drillings: 32H or 36H
Eyelets: Stainless Steel
ERD: 541mm
Dimensions: 24mm wide
Colour: Silver or Black anodised