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Haro Lineage Kneesaver 8.5" Bars

Brand: Haro

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Brand: Haro

Finally the time has come, 1988 is the first year that Haro made the 4 piece Kneesaver bars, although they originally just referred to them as "Pro Style" bars. Available in the same colours as they did in 1988 in Chrome, Black/Chrome or Turquoise/Chrome. 

Also available in taller 9.5" rise version

• Full 11-butted heat-treated 4130 cro-mo. 

• The attention to detail you have come to expect from Haro's Lineage programme. 

• 10 degree back sweep

• 3 degree up sweep

• 8.5" rise

• 28.5" wide

• Weight = 27.5 oz.

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