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Haro 40th Anniversary Bob Haro Freestyler Lineage Frameset Chrome

Brand: Haro

Code: HP93602

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Estimated Date Due: April 2024

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Brand: Haro

Check out the 40th anniversary Lineage Freestyler! A tribute to the BMX past, but with modern style and power.

You know Bob Haro designed the original Haro Freestyler, right? Now we have the 40th Anniversary Lineage Freestyler that rocks the old style, but with modern specs for rad riding fun.

The frame and fork are made entirely of chromoly, making it super strong and durable.

The double top tube and those iconic graphics are all present. And the integrated 1-1/8" head tube ensures stability and control, no matter what you do.

The specs? 20.5" top tube, 75-degree head tube angle, 70-degree seat tube angle, 13.7" chainstays and an 11.5" bottom bracket height. 

Ready for the road? Get the 40th anniversary Lineage Freestyler and make the city your playground!

  • 100% chromoly Lineage Freestyler 20.5" frame with twin top tube, hourglass Mid BB shell, integrated head tube and Lineage cast dropouts with integrated chain tensioners
  • 100% heat treated chromoly Lineage fork with CNC-threaded steer tube, 5mm dropouts and welded 990 brake mounts with internal brake cable routing
  • Forks feature a 15mm offset with 5mm thick dropouts. 3/8" axle slots.
  • 20.5" top tube, 75 degree HT, 70 degree ST, 13.7" CS, 11.5" BB

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