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Haro CK Pro 20.75" TT Bike Black

Brand: Haro

Code: HB24800

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Estimated Date Due: April 2024

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Brand: Haro

All our BMX Bikes are sent flatpacked and require assembly by a qualified cycle mechanic for the warranty to be valid, you can select our Ready2Ride shipping method and we will build the bike and sent it via courier with your warranty all valid, you just need to turn the bars and attatch the pedals. If you wish to collect your bike from our retail store it will come fully built and ready to ride free of charge.

Only the best, forget the rest. The Chad Kerley Pro complete bike from Haro isn't just a bike - it's a masterpiece of engineering, built from the ground up to meet the high standards Chad Kerley sets for his bike. This bike represents the best in performance and style.

The CK V3 frame and fork set the standard for quality and innovation. Everything about the Haro CK Pro is aftermarket, starting with Chad's signature frame, which offers extremely responsive geometry and a personal touch of class. Premium Products' signature handlebars and stem with an oversized 25.4 mm clamping surface ensure a secure and non-slip grip.

Underneath you'll find Premium Trestle 24mm cranks, a Team sprocket and Kinetic PC pedals - a combination designed for maximum performance. The wheelset consists of 40 mm wide Varanyak rims with sealed Team hubs, including a Freecoaster rear wheel with hub protectors on all sides and 2.4" tyres from CK for ultimate traction.

To top it all off, you get a set of premium PC pegs. The CK Pro not only sets new standards in terms of performance, it also looks stunning. This bike can easily compete with the most beautiful custom builds out there as it stands. If you're looking for the best, you'll find it in the Chad Kerley Pro complete bike from Haro. Experience perfection - ride the CK Pro.
Haro CK V3 aftermarket frame. 100% chromoly. 20.75" top tube. Invest cast dropouts with anti-slip knurling and integrated chain tensioners.

  • Haro CK V3 aftermarket fork. 100% chromoly. Investment cast 5mm dropouts. 24mm offset.
  • Premium CK aftermarket bars. 100% chromoly. 9" rise. Oversized 25.4mm clamp area.
  • Premium CK stem. CNC machined alloy. 48mm reach. Oversized 25.4mm bore.
  • Premium CK grips, flangeless.
  • Premium Trestle 3-piece chromoly cranks. 24mm spindle. 165mm length. Sealed BB.
  • Premium team sprocket. CNC alloy. 25T.
  • Premium Varanyak alloy rims. 40mm wide, laced to Premium Team hubs. Sealed front, sealed freecoaster rear. Four hub guards included.
  • Premium CK tyres. 20X2.4"
  • Includes 2X Premium PC pegs.
Frame Haro CK V3 20.75" aftermarket frame. 100% chromoly, 127mm head tube, investment-cast dropouts with inside knurling, built in chain tensioners, gusseted top tube and down tube. Removable brake mounts.
Fork Haro CK V3 fork. 100% heat-treated chromoly. Tapered legs, investment cast 5mm dropouts, 24mm offset.
Colors ED Black
Cranks Premium Trestle 3-piece chromoly cranks. 24mm spindle, 165mm length.
Bottom Bracket Premium sealed mid, 24mm.
Sprocket Premium Team sprocket. CNC-alloy, 25T.
Gearing 25/9
Pedals Premium Kinetic PC, chromoly spindles.
Chain Premium Half Link.
Tyres Premium CK. 20 X 2.4".
Front Hub Premium Team sealed bearing, female 3/8" axle, 2X nylon hub guards.
Rear Hub Premium Team sealed freecoaster, 14mm male axle, 9t chromoly driver, 2X nylon hub guards.
Rims Premium Varanyak alloy rims. Brakeless design, 40mm width.
Brake Lever
Grips Premium CK, flangeless.
Handlebar Premium CK, 100% butted chromoly. 9" rise. 25.4mm clamping area.
Stem Premium CK. CNC-alloy. 48mm reach, 25.4mm bore.
Headset Haro integrated headset, sealed bearings.
Seat Premium Denim Pivotal, padded, mid-sized.
Seat Post Premium Pivotal, alloy.
Seat Post Clamp Integrated.
Pegs Premium PC sleeved pegs, 2X