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Haro Lineage Fusion Alloy Cranks with Bottom Bracket

Brand: Haro

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Brand: Haro

The Haro Lineage Alloy Fusion cranks are finally here!  Beautifully packaged in a custom foam cut box, they come complete with a Mid sealed BB kit (for new school) and American cups if you have a old school bike. 175 or 180mm, black or polished, grease is even included!

•  Heat treated 7050 alloy arm construction with twin pinch bolt spindle clamps
•  22mm chromoly spindle with square arm interface
•  Compatible with MID or USA BB shells with included sealed BB set and adapter cups. Complete sealed bottom bracket included. 
•  Right or left side drive compatibility
•  Chromoly pedal boss inserts
•  Weight = 1Kg (arms and spindle)
•  Crank arm length: 175mm or 180mm
•  Installation grease included. 

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