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Haro Lineage 2017 Cranks

Brand: Haro

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Brand: Haro

New updated Haro Lineage cranks from Haro pay tribute to another late-80's brand, I am sure you can guess which one ;) As fitted to the 2017 and 2018 Lineage bikes. These cranks have a classic look but perform like modern cranks that can take everything you can dish out at them. 

4130 cro-mo heat-treated 170 or 175mm arms.

Black or Chrome plated.

48-spline 19mm spindle. 

These will work great on old school, mid school and modern bikes with a 19mm bottom bracket that is correct for your frame (US, Mid, etc) which we can supply. 

These use a boss for regular bolt-on sprockets, but you can use spline-drive sprockets as well.