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Haro Lineage Ground Master Frameset

Brand: Haro

Code: HA-93335-1

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Brand: Haro

As well as a complete bike, the Haro Lineage Ground Master Frame Set is now available in 19.5" toptube (Flatland Specific).

Created to take a DNA strand or two from Haro's past and thread it into state of the art contemporary designs of the present. Look at this masterpiece, from a glance its difficult to tell from the original 30 years prior. But when you look closely, you will see all modern technology. Hourglass Mid BB, internal head tube. Forks are full heat treated and butted with internal cable routing and 15mm offset.

This Frame Set is as high level product you are going to buy in today's market.

If you would like to build this into your complete custom dream bike, please get in touch.