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Heresy Zephyr Flatland Tyre

Brand: Heresy

Code: H-175W-BK

Code: H-175K-BK




Code: H-TIRE-190K

Code: H-TIRE-190W


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Brand: Heresy

This is IT! The first all new flatland tyre in years and's getting rave reviews all  over!

175" or 1.90"

lack or skinwall

Steel bead or save 58g with the folding kevlar version.

Flatland Specific Tyres with high psi 

20 x 1.75''
Weight :
Black wire bead 471g
Black kevlar 438g
Black/Tan wire bead 486g
Black/Tan kevlar 443g 

20 x 1.90"
110 PSI
Black or Tan/Black
Wire bead: 526g
Kevlar: 468g

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