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HT X-1T Clipless Ti BMX Race Pedals Grey

Brand: HT Components


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Brand: HT Components



HT X1T pedals have been designed and tested with multiple world champion Aaron Gwin.

The X1T features a strong CNC machined aluminium platform with a CNC titanium axle which glides on 3 sealed bearings and 1 DU bushing. This titanium axle has a 85kg weight limit.

Fully adjustable, and customisable the X1T is a World Cup race winning pedal from the box.

Cleats included.


Note: This titanium axle version has an 80kg weight limit.



  Axle:  CNC Titanium
  Cleat system:  H30/X2
  Size:  83.5 X 92.5 X 16.7mm