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Identiti Rebate Jump Forks 425mm

Brand: Identiti


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Brand: Identiti

Fits SE Bikes with wheels upto 29 inch including Big Flyers and Big Rippers. The distance from the centre of the axle to to crown where the fork legs meet is 425mm. If unsure please measure this distance yourself. If unsure pelase call us on 01942 826 598

This is a high end Cromoly replacement fork designed for jumping. If you have bent your original forks then these are a huge upgrade in terms of strength and reliability. Good luck breaking these. 

As used by the Eratic Dominator

REBATE Jump forks.

The task:
To provide Dirt Jump MTB riders a lightweight rigid alternative to suspension forks, whilst keeping BMX style JUMP fork.

Premium 4130 Cr-mo Deep drop steerer crown allows shallow bend radius legs and large weld area for increased strength. Fluted and butted 31.8mm legs are both light and strong. The internally and externally machined steerer offers optimised strength and weight, without the stress rising areas that changes in diameter over short distances can cause.
Super buff 6mm thick BMX style dropouts, CNC machined for lightweight.
Regular 10mm (QR or nutted) machined axle slots with safety dropout lip accepts regular MTB QR hubs or nutted axles 9-10mm.
I.S. Disc mounts included.
Short Suspension Corrected length provides crisp steering.

Optional extra clamp-on V-pivot system for either 24 or 26.

Axle to Crown race 425mm
Rake (forward off-set) - 36.7mm.
Weight: 1,419g
Dropout: 6mm thick, CNC 10mm slot with safety feature.
I.S. Disc mount inc.
Black Gloss finish