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Izumi Standard 1 /8" Chain Silver

Brand: Izumi

Code: IZMCH002SV000

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Brand: Izumi

Back in to 80's the only chains we ran on our Robinson and Torker race bikes were Izumi and DID. Tom here used Izumi back in NZ and swears by them. 

• Based in Osaka, Japan, IZUMI are long established as one of the most successful Japanese bicycle component manufacturers. IZUMI have been making bicycle chains for discerning trackies, fixies and fashionistas since 1916. Their uncompromising attention to detail ensures quality, strength and flawless performance.

• As used by the world’s best track and keirin racers, Izumi chains are made in Japan and are the mark of absolute toughness and quality for fixie track and urban bikes.  Izumi’s Standard 1/2x 1/8 chains are available in Black, Silver Gold and new Black/Gold, Gold/Black and Black/Silver colours. 

• 1/2 x 1/8 116L.

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