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KHE Mac3 2.40" Tyre

Brand: KHE

Code: 5116-020-02

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Brand: KHE

The KHE Mac 3 2.40" was developed over 2 years to be the most stable and lightweight  BMX Park/Street tyre available. How did they achieve this? The majority of BMX tyres use a single ply casing and a cotton thread, whereas the new KHE MAC3 tyres use a double ply casing and a strong Kevlar thread. The double ply casing provides stability even in the 2,40” width and the Kevlar thread does not absorb rubber like a cotton thread meaning they are significantly lighter.

Price is for ONE tyre. 


  • Size: 20"
  • Width: 2,40"
  • Bead: Wire
  • Max Pressure: 100 Psi
  • Weight: 690g

Important: The picture shows the trye with a rim & tube. Rim & tube are not included.