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Kink Vogue Fork 25mm Offset

Brand: Kink

Code: FOKI010-BK2-2500

Code: FOKI010-CH1-2500

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Brand: Kink

The Kink Vogue forks check all the boxes; strength, feel, and aesthetics. The fork legs feature a custom oval tube profile, welded up to a fully CNC’d steerer tube with internal butting to add strength where it’s needed. The investment cast dropouts are one single piece making them super strong and feature interior knurling to keep your wheel and plastic hub guards in place. The 25mm offset gives a responsive feel, without being too short or too raked out. Kink Vogue forks also feature steerer tube cut lines for those riders wanting to trim down their steerer, and the fork legs are designed to fit all modern tire widths up to 2.55”.

Fork Height 316mm
Steerer Tube Length: 165mm
Dropout Offset 25mm
Dropout Slot 10mm (3/8")
Dropout Thickness 5mm
Bearing Race Integrated
Compression Bolt Thread M24×1.5mm
Compression Bolt Hex 7075-T6 3/8" Ratchet and 6mm Allen Key
Heat Treatment TruTherm Post Weld Heat Treated
Weight 33.9 oz (Including Fork Bolt)