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Kink Williams Bars

Brand: Kink

Code: HAKI012-CH1-9250

Code: HAKI012-BK1-9250

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Brand: Kink

Kink Williams Bars - 9.25"

Nathan Williams signature

Nathan wanted a 9.25€ rise bar. The unique 1.5-degree upsweep is just slightly up from most other bars and the 11-degree backsweep is slightly less, creating Nathan€™s preferred feel. The 13-butted Chromoly tubing construction, and TruTherm post weld heat-treatment process ensure these bars be both strong and light.


0.81kgs/ 1lb 13oz


4130 Chromoly Steel
9.25" rise
29" wide
1.5º upsweep 
11º backsweep