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Mini Logo C-Cut 101a Skateboard Wheels

Brand: Mini Logo

Code: MIN-SKW-1071

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Brand: Mini Logo

Mini Logo™ C-cut shape designed with a slim profile to minimize weight for technical skating, theycombine high-performance urethane with a simple graphic all at an insane price.101a hardness for that classic hard wheel feel. Slimmer shape to save weight aiding in technical street skating.

About Mini Logo™ Wheels

Mini Logo™ high rebound, long lasting formulas provide more performance at a fraction of the price of most “pro” wheels. A number of our team skaters have told us that they prefer the way this compound skates over many more costly wheels. Mini Logo™ combines this high-performance urethane with a simple graphic, and a popular range of shapes, sizes, and hardnesses. Great performance and value guaranteed!

Long-lasting, high-rebound pro-grade urethane
Decades of Skate One Corporation wheel pouring expertise
Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects

Pack of 4 wheels