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MKS Grafight-XX Pedals

Brand: MKS

Code: MKSPD004BK960

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Brand: MKS

In 1982, MKS released the GRAFIGHT-X, which became popular amongst freestyle BMX riders. Since it went out of production, MKS have received many requests to remake this legendary pedal, well now MKS have released a modified version known as GRAFIGHT-XX, which keeps features of original.

• 9/16" for three piece cranks. 

•  Durable body thanks to glass fibre reinforced plastic material.

•  A better dust-proof and water-sealing property by labyrinthine dust seal.

•  Smooth and durable rotation property of CUP & CONE bearing. Simple construction which makes easy to maintain.

•  21 protrusions of three different shape brings shoe stability and better grip.

•  A combined shape of step area slightly concaved from forward view, and slightly convex from side view
improved foot grip.


•  9/16” (for three piece cranks) spindle versions available.

•  Body: Reinforced Plastics

•  Size: W102 × L87

•  Step Area: Double sided


•  Toe Clip: Non

•  Reflector: Installed

•  Weight (pair):  440g