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Nitto MX-2 1" Quill Old School BMX Stem

Brand: Nitto

Code: NTOST001BK000

Code: NTOST001BU000

Code: NTOST001GL000

Code: NTOST001RD000

Code: NTOST001SL000

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Brand: Nitto

Genuine Nitto old school MX2 BMX stem, super high quality, made in Japan and now available in colours as well as black or silver. See some examples of the bikes we have fitted these to. 

Made in Japan.

For all standard 22.2mm 7/8" BMX handlebars.

Shaft diameter 21.1" to fit most old school BMX forks. 

Black, Red, Blue, Gold or Silver. 

We have used these on lots of old school builds - see photos.


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