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ODI Elite Flow Lock-On Grips

Brand: ODI

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Brand: ODI

The new ODI Elite Series grips are designed for riders looking for more comfort from their grips without sacrificing durability. This Flow model has a Medium diameter.

•  Designed in conjunction with Pro Enduro rider Curtis Keene to provide more padding where you need it most, without the feel of a bulky grip. 

•  Their unique offset design allows extra padding to be placed where it is needed most without a bulky feeling grip. 

•  We have also created a new variable knurl design which provide a softer feel in key areas while still allowing for optimal traction where it is needed most. 

•  The grips borrowed our new V2.1 Lock-On System from our Motocross line for a secure single-clamp grip that allows for more comfort when riding on the outside of the grip. 

•  This new clamping system also features a larger 3mm bolt head for simplified installation and extra security. 

•  Made from our proprietary compounds that offer a soft feel with excellent durability and a reinforced outer end for improved grip life. 

•  Whether you are looking for more comfort on longer rides or just want a better feel on your short descents, the new ODI Elite Series grips are the perfect choice.


•  Raised Ergonomic Ribbed Pad conforms to the shape of your hand for superior shock absorption without making the grip feel too large.

•  Half-waffle pattern on from provides extra control when you are off the back of the bike.

•  New v2.1 Lock-On System/Single-Clamp design for more usable grip space and improved comfort on the outside of the grip.

•  Ergonomic Flange fits hands without getting in the way of your controls.

•  Reinforced End molded out of soft, but durable material to prevent grip blowout and improve grip life. 

•  31mm Outside Diameter (Large).

•  130mm Length.

•  Soft Pro Compound.

•  10% lighter than previous version Lock-On grips. 

Also available in the ODI Elite Series Grips range:

Elite Motion: 30mm Outside Diameter (Slim).  

Elite Pro: 32mm Outside Diameter (Large).