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ODI F-1 Dread Lock V2.1 Lock-On Grips

Brand: ODI


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Brand: ODI


ODI's newest addition to the F-1 Grip Series, the Tinker Juarez Signature Dread Lock Grips offer the padding and control needed for longer rides. Designed for comfort at every turn, the Dread Lock Grips feature our exclusive ultra soft and lightweight A.I.R.E. compound along with an offset design that provides additional padding for your hands without the feel of a bulky grip. Soft TPE ends provide extra support when railing turns and help to protect your grips from impacts while the V2.1 Single-Clamp Lock-On system ensures that your grips stay put no matter what the conditions.

Offset Grip design provides more padding on the palm side of Grip

Made from exclusive A.I.R.E. Compound for reduced weight and improved vibration dampening

Contoured surface for improved comfort on longer rides

Soft TPE Ends offer improved comfort and grip protection

Ergonomic finger cutouts provide improved Grip in all conditions

Dread Lock textured surface provides improved control with less effort

Available in 5 Colours

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