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ODI Hucker Grips Flangeless

Brand: ODI

Code: ODHK2160BL

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Code: ODHK2160BU

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Code: ODHK2160BG

4 Available

Code: ODHK2160LB

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Code: ODHK2160YP

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Code: ODHK2160TN

2 Available

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Brand: ODI

Mike “Hucker” Clark brings his So Cal attitude to life with the new Signature Hucker ODI Grips. Designed for both aesthetics and performance, the 160mm grip’s California-inspired Beach scene has been intricately laid out to provide traction and padding in key areas where they are needed most. The grip also features a unique two material design that allows for improved bar adhesion and less grip slippage while still maintaining soft vibration absorbing outer layer. Available in 4 colour ways with coordinated end plugs.


•  Material Soft Compound

•  Length 160mm