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ODI Longneck ST Grips

Brand: ODI

Code: ODIGR001BK

Code: ODIGR001GR

Code: ODIGR001RD

Code: ODIGR001AQ

Code: ODIGR001PP

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Code: ODIGR001PN

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Brand: ODI

The Longneck has been our best-selling grip of the last ten years and it's genes can be traced back to the original ODI Mushroom grip of the early 1980's. It's so popular we sell as many Longnecks as every other make of grip combined.

• The Longneck ST features the same timeless design as the classic Longneck grip with an open end design to allow for the use of bar end plugs (included).  These grips are available in your choice of four classic colours.
• Collapsible ribbed pattern provides excellent shock-absorption and control.
• Single-ply construction.
• Long 143mm length.
• Open end with Thug Plug bar end plugs included.